Community Owned and Not-For Profit, High Quality Long Day Care

EXPLORERS ROOM   6weeks to 2 years


6weeks to 2 years

DISCOVERERS ROOM   2 years to 3 years


2 years to 3 years

INVENTORS ROOM   3 years to 5 years


3 years to 5 years

Our Mission..

Creating a respectful and holistic environment which creates the foundations for endless exploration and development. Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

Our core foundations:

  • Respectful partnerships with Families

  • Children are at the heart of everything we do

  • Relationships with the wider community

  • Empowering our educators

At Hunter Early Childhood Centre we believe each child is unique.  We work in partnership with families to provide quality care through an educational program nurtured in a welcoming and authentic environment.  We believe in taking the time to build reciprocal, trusting relationships so each child and their family feels at home.

Imagination, creativity and wonder is something we are all born with and these skills are most present when we’re young. Children love to explore and investigate new surroundings, different concepts and seek meaning through experiences they are involved in. This gives us the tools to be able to develop these skills in a fun, relaxed and play based environment.

Our educational environments:

  • Are developed from children’s interests

  • Are open ended and flexible

  • Allow for creativity and imaginative play

  • Encourage each child to be actively involved

  • Allow children to discover and learn at their own pace

  • Encourage autonomy and independence

  • Develop literacy skills through phonics

  • Encourage enquiry and investigation through science and math experiments

Educational Programs

At HECC we understand how vital a child’s first 5 years of life are and these early years help create the foundations for later learning. Each day our children are immersed in a wide range of educational experiences in a play based environment, allowing them to explore and develop at their own pace. Our educators view each child as capable individuals and actively support, encourage and nurture their natural curiosity and wonder.

Our educators take the time to build strong connections with each child and their families so that we can truely understand each child’s interests and use these interests to create our daily programs. Our focus is to create stepping stones that enable a smooth transition to school. Our school readiness program happens each and every day and focuses on social, emotional and self help skills as well as literacy, numeracy, science and technology.

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