Educational Programs and Fees


Play-Based Program

Developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework, each day is different, fun and experimental. Our educators focus on each individual child’s interest to develop inviting play spaces where each child feels safe and secure to be involved in day to day activities with excitement.

Our service is rated as ‘Meeting the National Quality Standards’ and we strive to be better everyday. Our programs are inclusive, flexible and inviting.

Our children help to develop the program through daily discussions, reflection and their overall interests.


Garden to Shelf

Showing respect and empathy for the world around us is an important skill and it is vital that we understand how to care for the environment.

Each day as part of our program, educators take the time to discuss and educate children on the impact our everyday footprints have on the wide environment. Our children help us to plant, water and care for our vegie patches, gardens and use this produce to make products that are available to families to purchase which funds this program.


Cooking Classes

Using our in house produce from the Garden to Shelf Program, weekly cooking classes encourage healthy eating habits and self help skill development.

Based on special days, interests and the program our educators will incorporate cooking classes into the weekly happenings of each room. These cooking classes focus on self help skills, safety in the kitchen and healthy eating habits.

Our children also cook morning teas for their parents to take on their morning run from our family room.


School Readiness

Ensuring each child is prepared and ready to take the next step in their learning journey.

Here at HECC, we believe school readiness starts from your child’s very first day. We use play, music, rhymes and songs to develop communication and literacy skills along with self help opportunities that encourage each child to be independent and autonomous.

In our Inventors Room, each child is supported and encourage to express themselves, be involved in the program and develop their social and emotional skills, ready for ‘big school’. This is our most ‘structured’ room as it helps each child to bridge the gap between childcare and a formal school setting.

A core focus on being fully ready for school is assisted through our various daily experiences and programs that happen in each room. Children are invited to participate in group times, transitional experiences and indoor and outdoor activities.


Community Involvement

Making connections with our local community through incursion and excursions to build positive partnerships.

Our partnership with Hunter Women’s Centre, is part of who we are, governed by the same board of management we are helping to support vulnerable women and their families in the hunter.

We also have a strong relationship with Mayfield Aged Care, as our Inventors children take every opportunity to visit them and play.


Mindfulness and Meditation

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can help to relax, unwind and promote positive learning skills.

We are a ‘Be You’ service and we understand the importance of mental health in children and the impacts it can have on their learning. We strive to make strong connections with each child so they feel supported and safe here at the centre.


Literacy and Numeracy

Providing a fun approach to literacy and numeracy to encourage communication and information sharing.

Using the element of play, literacy and numeracy skills are developed in a fun, flexible way and opens up the opportunity for interest, investigation and discovery.

We love using songs, books, puppets and real world scenarios and conversations to develop strong literacy and numeracy skills that are built upon each day.


Science and Investigation

Allowing each child to use their natural inquisitive nature to experiment and explore to understand how the world works.

Understanding why a volcano erupts or how balls bounce is a question each child asks. This forms the basis of our investigations and understanding of science. Sometimes the best teaching moments come from a spare of the moment conversation, a quick thought or even something a child has seen in the car to school. We love when children come to school and talk to us about what they are loving at the moment.

What to expect…

HECC operates 50 weeks per year and closes for 2 weeks over the Christmas / New Year period and on public holidays. No Fees are charged for the period between Christmas / New Year however fees are still applicable for all public holidays.

Currently (as of the May 2019) HECC’s fee structure is as follows;

  • $100 per day (excl. CCS).

  • 2 week FULL FEE bond is payable prior to your child’s first day.

All families are encouraged to apply for Childcare Subsidy prior to your child commencing with HECC to reduce your out of pocket expenses for childcare fees. This is done via your Centrelink portal in MyGov. In the event your child does start without your CCS entitlements being received, full fees are payable.

Looking for something more flexible? We now offer flexible childcare arrangements for added flexibility. For more information, get in contact with our Centre Director.

Your child’s daily fees include the following;

  • All nutritional meals provided

  • All nappies and wipes

  • All programs and experiences

We do ask that you pack your child a change of clothes, a sun hat, a water bottle and bed sheets for rest time.

Nutritional Food and Menu

Our educators support each child to develop healthy eating habits for their very first day. In order to do this, we serve 5 nutritional meals delivered to us each morning by Kids Gourmet Food. Based off a 6 week rotational menu, each meal is planned and cooked by nutritionist and qualified chefs using seasonal ingredients then snap chilled to ensure the highest food handling conditions then delivered to us to serve to the children.